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Noelle Ru

Noelle Ru - Gladney Bright FuturesPARENT QUOTE

Loud, boisterous, and surreal describe the moment when eight Gladney families gathered in the Gloria Hotel elevator area to meet their babies. The Yichun director emotionally handed us Noelle, and the orphanage official emphatically pointed to her head, giving us the "thumbs up." After scrutinizing the film of our baby in foster care, we saw how lovingly Noelle’s foster mother stooped to show her the family picture bear we sent in advance. Noelle would soothe herself by pointing to that picture, remembering the link the foster mother caringly conveyed. We loved Ru Ru the moment we received her referral.


Noelle Ru  - Gladney Bright Futures

When I look back on my life and ponder my future, I see a myriad of blessings and opportunities that would not have been realized without my adoption through Gladney. I will forever be thankful that God providentially brought me from China into the arms of my loving, selfless, and capable parents. I am grateful to my birth parents who gave me life and unknowingly provided me the opportunities I now enjoy.



Noelle was home-schooled most of her life since her adoption at 13 months. She earned American Heritage Girls’ highest honor, the Stars and Stripes Award, by founding a support group for individuals with special needs. She advanced to the Regional Scripps Spelling Bee four times. In addition, Noelle achieved her Private Pilot’s Certificate and is working on her Instrument Rating, possibly becoming an airline pilot. She earned 40+ hours of college credit and is a National Merit Finalist. Noelle enjoys her job tutoring K-8 children. She completed Certificate of Merit for piano and loves music. Noelle will continue her studies with Liberty University.

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