November = National Adoption Month

Posted by Gladney Center for Adoption on 11/1/23 1:00 AM

November is a month full of warmth and gratitude, and it's also a great time to shine a spotlight on the journey of adoption. National Adoption Month is a reminder of the power of love and compassion, as families across the United States come together to acknowledge the many emotions that adoption brings.

This special month not only honors those individuals touched by adoption but also serves as a call to action for those who may be considering opening their hearts and homes to a child. It's a time to raise awareness of the thousands of children in foster care who are patiently waiting for someone to step forward and offer them the forever family they deserve. Together, let's embrace the spirit of National Adoption Month and spread the message of hope, unity, and unconditional love.

We encourage you to share in sharing the adoption option with your social network this month using some of our National Adoption Month graphics. These graphics can be added to your social media pages, websites, Zoom or Teams backgrounds.

Start the adoption conversation today by posting these graphics. Click on each graphic, new window opens, then right click and select Save Image As.

Let's make a difference together and spread factual adoption awareness.


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