Olympics Shines Spotlight on Different Types of Adoption

Posted by Nancy Robbins on 8/9/21 8:30 AM

Olympics and AdoptionWhether you're watching the 2021 Olympics or not, hopefully you've seen or read the many adoption stories of some of the Olympians. It is affirming to those of us in the adoption profession to see the lives impacted by adoption on the world stage. 

International Adoption


Jordan Windle, U.S. diving team. 

South Korea:

Yul Moldauer, USA Gymnastics Team

Fort Collins’ Yul Moldauer living his “American dream” as South Korean adoptee in Olympics

Domestic Infant Adoption

Paige McPherson, USA Taekwondo Team

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Profile

Foster Care Adoption/Kinship Adoption

Simone Biles, USA gymnastics team.

Thank you to these and all the other amazing athletes that have made us and our nation proud. 🥈🥉🏅

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