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Parent Quote

Paige_BabyWe were already parents to a two-year-old daughter, but our family was not complete. We decided to adopt. All we requested was a child under two so the child would be younger than our daughter. We chose Gladney because of its reputation. We were contacted in September of 2002 to go to Kaluga, Russia, to meet a little girl. Once we arrived at the Baby House, we were apprehensive. We were shown to the room where our future daughter lived. Once inside, we sat on the floor. All the children were under 18 months old and only one was walking. While on the floor, the others crawled over to check us out. Suddenly this little girl toddled over, pushed the others out of the way and sat on my lap. That was it, she knew what she was doing and knew why we were there. We knew too and Maria/Masha became Paige Maria and we never looked back.

From the Graduate

Adoption means family. I don’t know anything else. I was 16 months old when I was brought to Texas. I don’t know what would have happened if I hadn’t been adopted but I think it wouldn’t have been good. I love animals and spend a lot of time in our backyard searching for bugs, snakes and lizards. I also love computers and figuring out shortcuts in programs. I hope to go to community college next year to study cyber security. None of this was possible in Russia. I was born in Russia but I’m American. Adoption is the reason.

About Paige

School wasn't Paige's favorite thing. She always preferred to be outside. However, after graduating high school, she realized it's important to have goals. She is still unsure of what she's going to do next but planned to attend community college to study cyber security or something similar in that field. Paige is scared, but also excited for the future.

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