Post Adoption Support For Our Russian and Ukrainian Adoptees

Posted by Lindsay Garrett, LCSW-S on 3/21/22 9:21 AM
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We at Gladney along with the rest of the world have been following along with the devastating news about the Russian invasion of Ukraine. We know this may bring up tough questions and feelings, particularly for our Russian and Ukrainian adoptees. Below are some resources that your family may find helpful. The first are some guidelines for how to support and discuss these events with your child, and the second are resources for providing support to Ukraine if your family wants to take some action and doesn’t know where to start.

As a reminder, Gladney’s post adoption team is here to support your family. If you have questions, want to process anything, or need referrals to resources, please call or email us.

Discussions with Kids:

Russian and Ukrainian adoptees 

How to Talk to Your Kids About the War in Ukraine 

How to Talk to Your Kids About the War in Ukraine 

Trauma Resources:

The Child Mind Institute has prepared free trauma resources in Russian, Ukrainian, and English to assist parents, educators, and other adults in talking to children about traumatic events and identifying those who may benefit from professional attention. (Source: Ukraine - Fact Sheet: How You Can Help)

How to Help:

How to Talk to Your Kids About the War in Ukraine 

What we can do to help Ukraine right now: Donate, share, call 

5 Ways You Can Support Ukraine Right Now 

Want to support the people in Ukraine? Here's how you can help 

10 Resources to Help Ukraine Right Now 

National Council for Adoption Webinar:

In addition, the National Council for Adoption hosted a webinar discussing how to support professionals and families. Gladney’s own Bill Porter served on the panel of experts. Watch the recording.

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