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Nine months earlier, we met Ramsay. The day finally arrived for us to bring her home! When the nurse brought her into the orphanage director’s office and gave her to us, she was holding the acrylic framed picture of the three of us when we first met. While waiting to be reunited, we all had been looking at the same picture of our soon-to-be family of three. Prayers were answered! Now, we were finally together and would be traveling back home to begin our new life. How appropriate that we arrived in the U.S. on Valentine’s Day – Ramsay’s Homecoming Day! A cherished day filled with love.


Ramsay - Gladney Bright FuturesEven though my birth parents placed me for adoption, Gladney has shown me that I am part of an even bigger family. Being adopted at 2 ½ years old and being brought to the States was a gift from above. I was placed with my parents and I have been given the greatest gift of a loving family. I have also been lucky to meet two other children from my orphanage and stay connected with them through Gladney.


Throughout her life, Ramsay always shares her love, empathy, and care with others. Whether in athletics, theater, or on a mission trip, Ramsay always looks for the best in all people. Ramsay combined her talent and interest in athletics, academics, and arts during high school. She will enter four-year university in North Carolina in the fall where she plans to study psychology – continuing her interest in helping people.

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