reFRAMED Bonus: Continuing the Conversation with Ebony Mack, MSW

Posted by Nancy Robbins on 4/6/21 6:15 AM

Gladney University recently had the honor of presenting Bridging the Gap: Strengthening Competencies of Transracial Adoptive Parents. We enjoyed the training so much that we just had to continue the conversation.


Resources: Ebony Mack, MSW. LinkedIn Rachel Garlinghouse, "Come Rain. Come Shine"

Show Notes: 1:58 - How do you prepare yourself to adopt transracially?

3:05 - What are the biggest concern that children of color adopted by white parents express?

4:06 - Should you talk about your child about race?

5:25 - What would you share to an adoptive parent about adopting transracially?

6:31 - What kind of mentors should you look for you and your child?

7:07 - Do adoptive parents who adopt a child of another race need to be part of their child's race?

8:01 - Do children of color want to be adopted by parents of another race?

Topics: reFRAMED Podcast, Transracial Adoption

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