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Parent Quote

Ryley_BabyWe met our child at the hospital where she was born. It was happy and sad at the same time. Happy, because my husband and I were about fulfill our dream of being parents, and sad, because we could see how difficult it was for my daughter's birth parents. We sat and hugged each other while my mother held our baby girl. It was in that moment we formed a very special bond with her birth parents and their extended family. We are forever grateful to my daughter's birth parents for giving us the best gift we could have ever received. Love you always, forever in our hearts.

From the Graduate

Adoption means being loved and taken care of. Adoption not only gives love but spreads it to everyone who has been involved in the adoption process. It makes lasting connections between both the birth family and adoptive family. I am fortunate to have an open adoption and be able to connect with my birth parents. I've learned that my purpose is to continue to spread love and connect with others. I express my love in different ways and one of them is through music. Music has helped me get through tough times, just like my family has. They're my foundation, my love, my everything.

About Ryley

Ryley was member of the National Honor Society, Music Ministry Program, and the Senior Connection Program. Ryley also participated in varsity track, choir, and theatre. She plans to major in music industry studies. Ryley released an independent album and is in the process of recording new music. Her goals for the future include becoming a professional singer/songwriter and actor.

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