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Posted by Gladney Center for Adoption on 7/20/20 3:24 PM


Parent Quote

Rough weather altered our plans to meet the babies at the hotel instead of the orphanage. Across the lobby we saw the babies playing on the floor, but one immediately caught my attention. I nudged another mother saying, "Look at the one in the pink coat." It was too far to discern each face. We went to our rooms where the babies were brought to us individually. I opened the door and was presented my baby with the heart-shaped lips in the pink coat who from that moment had the unfathomable ability to hold my heart forever.

From the Graduate

I am more open-hearted and curious due to my adoption, and much more confident in my identity, and my role in defining it, than I might be otherwise. Though my early life is filled with gaps, I have never felt that my story is incomplete. Adoption has taught me from a young age that family is what you make it; and blood relativity isn't a prerequisite to intimacy. I have no genetic connection to anyone in my life, but my family has the same capacity for supporting and challenging me as any other. Adoption has helped me understand that family doesn't manifest in one way and people can impact your life tremendously no matter how small their role is. I have found that while adoption is a distinctive experience, it also has a remarkable ability to bring people together.

About Sarah

Sarah was very involved in her school community as Student Body President, part of the backstage crew for the school musical, and a member of the soccer and golf teams. She earned the distinction of Head Scholar. As a part of the school's Honors College, Sarah wrote a Junior Honors Thesis on the perception of adoption and worked alongside Gladney's AdoptED program for her Senior Capstone Project. Sarah plans to attend college in Washington, D.C. and study to become a criminal defense attorney.

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