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Sarah - Gladney Bright FuturesPARENT QUOTE

From the moment Sarah was placed in my arms, I knew that we were meant to be together. Our parent group traveled from NYC just days after 9/11. The juxtaposition of such tragedy in our community with the joy of a beautiful child in my arms heightened my emotions. Sarah is the greatest gift with the most enchanting smile and kindest demeanor!


Sarah - Gladney Bright Futures

Families are created in so many ways but what matters is how families love, care, and support each other. While my immediate family is small, just my mom and me, I have a large extended family who always has my back! Having mild cerebral palsy, it is difficult to imagine what my life would look like as a teenager in China. For the most part, I am a typical American eighteen-year-old looking forward to discovering what college life and my future holds.


Sarah completed her senior year at Edina High School by leaving a positive mark on her community, school, and family. Throughout high school, she has been active in band, served as a Link Crew leader, tutored her peers in math, and volunteered with preschoolers with special needs. More importantly, Sarah, in her quiet way, has befriended so many and showed what grit and perseverance can accomplish. She is still considering her college choices and trying to decide whether she should stay in the Midwest or go to the East Coast. What Sarah does know is that she wants to continue studying biology and psychology.

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