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Posted by Jennifer Lanter on 9/23/20 12:45 AM
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The start of school is always one of my favorite times of year.  I love back to school shopping and I get really excited about school and office supply shopping.  I think it symbolizes- a new season and a fresh start.  And, who doesn't love a brand-new spiral notebook and fresh pencils with new erasers! 

Even though this year is really different than most, there is something I am really loving and excited to share with you.  Many of you may not have heard about Gladney's AdoptED program.  AdoptED is a school-based adoption education program designed to teach high school students about adoption.  Now, this may sound kind of ... dry, but I promise you it's not. AdoptED's two educators, Kerry and Amy are dynamic and engaging.  The curriculum is interesting, interactive, and has even been known to make tough football players and teachers cry. 🙂   

AdoptED Virtual ClassroomAs great as this program is, COVID could have stopped AdoptED in its tracks.  After all, the  goal of the program is to educate and connect with students.  But, guess what?  Gladney just released AdoptED's virtual classroom!  The virtual classroom is already a success with teachers and students.  Check out all the great things about this new virtual option:

  • Free and Accessible  
  • Customizable to fit the needs of your classroom based on time and priorities  
  • Opportunity for AdoptED’s educators to drop into your classroom virtually and help “unpack” important concepts   
  • Students use personal devices to access the program in class or at home  
  • Engaging and Interactive learning modules: including multiple choice, true or false, free-response, videos, graphics, etc.  
  • Provides grading opportunities for teachers   
  • Opportunity for important discussions  
  • Students work at their own pace and abilities  
  • Offers resources and options through factual information  

About the Curriculum:  

  • Provides simple, age appropriate information about adoption from the birth parent and adoptive parent perspectives  
  • Curriculum is evidenced based and loved by students and teachers  
  • Curriculum is based on essentials knowledge and skills requirements set by most states.    
    • Decision making   
    • Life Skills   
    • Emotional awareness   
    • Historical references   
    • Vocabulary     

I hope you love AdoptED as much as I do.  Learn more about this program and how to sign up for the free program.

Learn More About AdoptED Virtual Classroom

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