Taiwan Day 1 {Cathwel}

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It is amazing how it all came back. We are traveling with an experienced team. It Erin Martin Photo--2has been 4 years since we were here, but it did not take long until Nancy was
checking fine motor skills and getting kids to match patterns. Erin was snapping photos and grabbing videos. Mary and Lindsay were asking the screening
questions, everything from what their favorite color is to what caregivers hope to see in a future adoptive family. And Joe, bless him, was helping everywhere he could. Bouncing balls with kids and going on a quest for water when our water bottles were empty.

Erin Martin Photo--4

I cannot tell you how amazing it is to be back and to see all of the social workers and staff at Cathwel who make our days there run so smoothly. 

Of course the focus was the kids. There are lots of great things about coming to Taipei, but our main focus is always the kids.

Erin Martin Photo--3Erin Martin Photo--9

It is hard to decide which of them to talk about. Should we start with the darling little boy we saw first thing this morning? Or should we talk about the sisters we met who were absolutely charming, by the way. The younger girl’s giggle was so, so cute! I could tell you about the sibling set  (who is matched!) of an older sister and younger brother. The pride she displayed every time her brother completed the task Nancy asked him to do was so touching.  Erin Martin Photo-

But I think, instead of writing about a specific child, we are going to talk a little about how grateful we are to be here. The staff at Cathwel expressed over and over how glad they are that we were able to come back. I think we can all agree that the last 4 years have been hard. We did not know when or if Superkids would come back to Taiwan. But here we are! The kids are just as precious, their need of families is just as pressing, and the dedication of everyone on this team hasn’t wavered.

Erin Martin Photo--5

We believe that every child deserves a loving and caring family and we are here to do everything we can to see that become a reality for as many children as possible. And we are just so grateful to be here.

Erin Martin Photo--8

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