Take Action: Every Child Deserves A Loving Family

Posted by Heidi Bruegel Cox on 4/19/19 10:01 AM
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We have continued to advocate for the belief that every child deserves a loving and caring family.  Every child. Everywhere. No one can make this happen alone. It will take the larger community of committed child advocates and parents, continuing to give a voice to the often forgotten children, in order get this message to the men and women in government and in the legislature.

Every child deserves a loving and caring family.Please join me in supporting Professor Elizabeth Bartholet’s ongoing efforts to raise this issue.   Our U.S. legislators and government bureaucrats cannot ignore the call for children to be given homes when we join together and provide a loud voice for the most vulnerable.

Please click below and register your support:

Support Human Rights  for  Unparented Children

For more information on the ongoing work that Professor Bartholet is doing visit her Harvard

 Child  Advocacy Program 

Read an article about the how the project hopes to change the ideological framework for child rights and international adoption:

Child  Advocacy Article

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