Terrence {China}

Posted by Superkids Team on 9/23/19 10:54 AM
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Terrence is part of CCCWA’s new Ambassador of Love program.  Prospective Parents are invited by the CCCWA to meet this child in China as part of the matching process.  For more information please contact superkids@gladney.org.  


Terrence is an 8 year old boy who likes to play outside. He is active and outgoing and well-liked by his caregivers and peers. He has been in the orphanage since he was an infant. He was unable to walk on his feet properly and walked on his toes until he had corrective surgery in 2015. The surgery was successful and he now walks normally and can run and jump like other children his age.


This little guy needs a family! Could he be your son? We are thrilled to have a recent update for him! We will be able to get updates since he is part of the Ambassadors of Love program!

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