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Trevor - Gladney Bright FuturesPARENT QUOTE

Trevor, we first laid eyes on you through a hospital nursery window at 5am on the day you were born. We loved you instantly and held you for hours. Over the next six weeks, we visited you every day at the transitional parent's home, where we cared for you and loved on you until the day we finally got to bring you home. We were so excited to have you home with us! On Adoption Finalization Day, we remember how the judge played with you, and you patted his bald head while we stood behind the bench to take pictures with him. You made him laugh out loud! You have been a constant joy for us all your life, and we are honored to be your mom and dad. We love you always!


I have always known I was adopted and have seen it as a blessing in my life. I have a great life and a great family who I love, and they love me. I understand that God always had a plan for me and will continue with that plan as I look forward to the future in college and beyond.


In high school, Trevor was an honor roll student who participated in the PALS Program where he mentored young students and was a member of the yearbook staff. He was also a talented athlete who played football and baseball all four years. This past fall in football, he was named Defensive Player of the Week in his county. His favorite sport is baseball, and he played for both his school and a showcase team, where he enjoyed being a talented pitcher and power hitter. Trevor has plans to play baseball in college and major in business.

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