Useful Tips While Video Chatting

Posted by Jess Alvarez on 4/9/20 3:44 PM

As a videographer, I keep getting asked the same questions so I put together some tips to look and sound your best while video chatting:


  • First, let’s cover getting set up.
    • Use an ethernet cable so your connection is at its strongest.
    • Headphones with a mic provide the best audio quality for you and others. You can also purchase a mic that can plug into your computer to use as a higher quality audio source.
    • Plug in your laptop charger.
    • Log on early to make sure settings and permissions are good to go and that your webcam feed looks its best. 
    • If using any, open up notes or resources ahead of time to avoid long pauses during your presentation.
    • Make sure pets stay out of the frame and are in their own space where they wont be a distraction. 
    • Pick a spot with good natural light.
    • Don't sit right in front of windows or lights that will cause hotspots on your video.
    • Sit in a room with carpet and open space if possible, tile and close walls bounce back sound.
    • Place your webcam level with your face if you can, to avoid a low angle and harsh shadows. 
    • Start recording before the event begins so you don't forget to start it up later.
  • Now, let’s talk about what to avoid during. 
    • Don’t eat or drink while chatting.
    • Don’t wear noisy jewelry on your wrists.
    • Don’t play with a fidget that makes noise.
    • Be aware of what is in your background, or who may walk into it. Some platforms offer a blurred background feature, or a virtual background feature.
    • If your are just listening in, mute yourself to cut down on any background noise.
    • Be sure to speak up! Internal mics aren't the greatest at picking up sound.
  • For specific tutorials about web chatting platforms, check out YouTube or reach out to your IT team.

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