Walter- Bright Futures 2021

Posted by Gladney Center for Adoption on 7/16/21 7:05 AM

Walter - Bright Futures 2021

Parent Quote

Walter - Bright Futures 2021Meeting Walter the first time, watching him at the airport, was like arriving at the hospital to have a baby. We were so excited and beyond thrilled to have him as our son! He was quiet when we first met, but so loving, inquisitive, and funny! Since he couldn't speak English, and barely any Spanish, he used his hands a lot to get his point across. He adapted so quickly to all of us that it soon felt like we had always had him in our lives. We are the lucky ones because Walter is such an amazing person. He's smart. funny, kind. loving. caring. and confident in who he is.

From the Graduate

Adoption has taught me to appreciate everything that I have, how fortunate I am, and how things could have been very different. I have seen the adoption process first hand and know how this opportunity can help many families. It has shaped my outlook on life and inspired me to live a balanced, service-minded life. I believe being adopted has motivated me to always give back to the community.

About Walter

Walter is graduating from a top-ranked STEM charter high school and has a strong interest in business and entrepreneurship. He created his first small business as a young teenager, and continues to employ classmates and friends in entrepreneurial ventures. With a positive attitude and a willingness to work hard. Walter thrived in multiple roles in the restaurant industry. As an accomplished leader in service organizations, he was able to help local people in need. Walter is now finalizing his college decisions, working hard, and saving for college. He continues to serve his
community, while keeping a business career in mind.

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