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Posted by Gladney Intern on 9/12/19 10:08 AM

Emily Morehead talked with Ashley Whiteside, Domestic Infant Adoption Manager,  about reframing how we see adoption. Like any journey, the journey to adoption can be a bumpy road full of twists and turns. It requires patience, communication, and a lot of love before, during, and after a baby is welcomed into the world.

Adoption thru Gladney Center for AdoptionIn a recent bonus episode of the reFRAMED podcast, Ashley speaks about the highs and lows of being a Gladney caseworker and embarking on the adoption journey alongside a family. She knows that the couples who walk through Gladney's doors hoping to adopt have already been on a long journey themselves; often including heartaches such as infertility or loss. For those special couples ready to continue their next chapter, Ashley says the best advice she can give is to learn to celebrate the journey and the little milestones and successes.

To couples wondering whether or not their family will be able to grow Ashley says, "Families know that once they enter this building that it's not a matter of 'if' any longer, but it's a matter of 'when'." 

 If you are deciding if adoption is the right way for you to grow your family, the Gladney website is a great place to start arming yourself with the information you will need. Every adoption story is individually unique and we believe that every child is worth the journey. 

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Listen to the full conversation as hear about additional resources in this Bonus Episode's Show Notes.

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