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Posted by Jennifer Lanter on 5/1/19 10:01 AM
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HomelessnessLike most people I love to peruse social media for news of the day or for interesting insights on subjects I care about.  Recently I read a very compelling and honest article titled, “Pipeline to Homelessness: Aging out of the Foster Care System.”   The article details the challenges teens face as they age out of the foster care system. 

Read   "Pipeline to Homelessness:  Aging Out of the  Foster Care System"

Because of my work at Gladney, I was familiar with the very bleak outcomes associated with teens aging of foster care.  Outcomes including, homelessness, trauma and mental illness, unplanned pregnancy and criminal activity, but what I liked about the article was the call to action for hope.  And this is where I see Gladney.  We can work together and be the hope for these kids.  Because there is a surprisingly simple answer.  Find homes for children who need them.  Gladney believes every child deserves a loving and caring home.  I am very proud and excited about the focus Gladney is giving this issue.  New initiatives include:

  • Gladney home for girls in foster care between the ages of 11-18 with a focus on finding a loving, caring and permanent family for the girls in the home.
  • Long-term programming for women who age out of the foster care system.  Next Steps is a program that provides job and life skills training and support to girls who are aging out of the foster care system.
  • Foster Care Task Force dedicated to understanding and solving the challenges associated with finding permanent homes for children in care. 
  • Providing long-term education and support to families who are adopting children from foster care.  Creating strong families!

If you believe we can be a part of the solution to children aging out of foster care, I ask you to please consider the following.

We can’t do this alone.  We need your help for the sake of the children!  Thanks for reading this post and let us know if you would like to get involved in helping children have a better, brighter future.

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