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Posted by Gladney Intern on 3/28/17 11:41 AM

Hello all,

My name is Emily Jowers. I am a Senior at the University of North Texas. I will be graduating in May with a Bachelor's degree in Human Development and Family studies with an emphasis in Intervention and Administration. I first heard about Gladney about two years ago when my school advisor casually invited me to sit in on a presentation from an adoption center in the area. "What have I got to lose, I'll go." I thought, naively, to myself. Little did I know that this seemingly silly 70 minute class would (as dramatic as it sounds) change my life. Emily Moorehead was the presenter and I left that class feeling inspired and giddy and truly excited about what my future career could look like. Ever since then I have been in love and continue to fall in love with Gladney and all they do.

There really are not enough good things that I could say about my time so far here at Gladney. Since the moment I was notified about being accepted into the internship program I have been welcomed with open arms. Every staff member has so much knowledge and wisdom to offer. I have not, for a second, felt like an intern. I am entrusted with so many tasks and assignments, I truly feel like I am an employee. Not to mention all the free food (a college kid's gotta eat right?) ☺

My time here has not only been an amazing learning experience and informative, but it was good for me to see that what I have chosen to do for the rest of my life is exactly what I wanted. This field fulfills me in more ways than one. This company has inspired me and has set the bar so high that I have such high hopes and expectations for my career will look like.

I will miss this place more than I can put into words. The people I have met, the lives I saw changed, the employees that took part in mentoring me, all of it. I would not change or alter my experience here at The Gladney Center for Adoption.

I will be leaving here forever changed!

Thank you Gladney!

Much Love,

Emily Jowers ❤

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