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Adopting A Child With Down Syndrome

Posted by Gladney Center for Adoption on 10/18/17 4:37 PM

Superkids is shining a light on two adoptive parents who have recently adopted children with Down syndrome.  These moms are tireless advocates, and as a bonus, they are both Superkids volunteers!  Lora and Michelle have graciously agreed to answer our questions about adopting a child with Down syndrome.  

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Sharing 9 Gladney Adoption Facts in September

Posted by Gladney Center for Adoption on 9/9/17 10:23 PM
  1. MGM paid Edna Gladney $5,000 for rights to her story which they then turned into the movie “Blossoms in the Dust”. She donated the money to the Texas Children's Home and Aid Society to help reduce the agency's debt.  Each year generous supporters like you join us for the exciting annual North Texas Giving Day—this year it will be September 14, 2017 from 6 a.m. to midnight.   Your generous support makes a meaningful difference.
  2. Because of her tenacity, Mrs. Gladney was known as "that Gladney woman" to members of the Texas Legislature. Being an #AdoptionAdvocate is still an integral part of Gladney.
  3. The Houston Auxiliary was the first support group of Gladney volunteers to formally organize. Today, Gladney has an entire development department and Gladney Family Associations that organize fundraising events for Gladney year-round. Check out some of their latest events
  4. Texas Christian University, in Fort Worth, granted Mrs. Gladney an honorary Doctor of Laws degree in 1957.   
  5. In 2016, Gladney Adoptee, Alicia Taylor, rolled out Gladney Teen Outreach (GTO).  GTO provides a community for teens & tweens, adopted or not, to connect and inspire one another while having fun, fostering lifelong friendships and furthering Gladney’s Mission of Creating Bright Futures through Adoption. 
  6. Ralph Wheelwright, an MGM publicist, and his wife, adopted a baby girl from Mrs. Gladney in 1940. Inspired by Mrs. Gladney's devotion to the Texas Children's Home and Aid Society, he sketched out her life story and presented it to Louis Mayer, head of Hollywood's Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studio. Wheelwright was paid $10,000 for the project idea. 
  7. Former First Lady Barbara Bush, a Gladney grandparent, attended the agency's Centennial celebration in 1987 as a special guest. 
  8. Cookies4Kids was created in 2010 by Chef Eric Justice, former Director of Culinary Operations for Pei Wei Asian Diner, after he attended the Gladney Cup golf tournament. All proceeds from the decadent double chocolate chunk oatmeal cookies benefit the Gladney Center for Adoption's humanitarian aid efforts. 
  9. The first annual Gladney Cup golf tournament was held at the Colonial in Fort Worth in 1999. In 2017, The Cup will experience The Country Club in Brookline, MA. We are thankful for all of the players and sponsors at the 2017 Gladney Cup. 
  10. Gladney began operating with an assumed name certificate as The Edna Gladney Center in 1987.

And those are your Gladney adoption facts for September. Stay tuned for more!

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12 Gladney Adoption Facts For August

Posted by Gladney Center for Adoption on 8/27/17 11:04 AM
  1. Auxiliaries were renamed to Gladney Family Associations in 2006 and there are currently 18 GFAs operating around the country! Be sure to join your GFA today. 
  2. To meet the needs of working women in Sherman, Mrs. Gladney founded the Sherman Nursery and Kindergarten for Working Women. Thirty-five women enrolled their children on opening day. Check out these old nursery rhymes from that time period.
  3. The Gladney Fund was created in 1992 as a separate not-for-profit organization devoted to raising funds to support The Gladney Center. In 2008, the fundraising efforts of the organization were integrated back into the Center’s operations in an effort to more closely align programs and development. The Gladney Fund exists today as a separate entity with a nine member Board of Directors tasked with managing Gladney’s Endowment funds.  
  4. In 1991, the Board officially renamed the agency The Gladney Center.
  5. Edna Gladney’s second legislative battle was in 1951. Mrs. Gladney successfully argued that adopted children should have the same inheritance rights as biological children and that they should be legally adopted rather than placed in a long-term guardianship.
  6. While in Cuba for a year-long honeymoon and business trip, Mrs. Gladney experienced a near-fatal tubal pregnancy, which left her unable to conceive other children.  
  7. Gladney's current international adoption program began in 1992. Today, the Center maintains programs in  China, Colombia, and Taiwan. Start your adoption journey today by requesting Gladney’s free Adoption Information Packet 
  8. A network of regional offices began with the opening of the Houston office in 1988. Gladney currently maintains regional offices located in Austin, Midland and Houston, Texas; Brandon, FL; Oklahoma City, OK; and New York, NY. 
  9. Mrs. Gladney's fondness for fancy hats became legendary over time, eventually becoming her trademark. 
  10. Edna referred orphaned children to the Texas Children's Home and Aid Society for placement with adoptive families, and joined the board of that organization in 1910.
  11. Director Walter Delamarter (1961-1963) established Friends of the Edna Gladney Home Committees, which were later called Auxiliaries and then Gladney Family Associations, or GFAs. 
  12. The movie Blossoms in the Dust, the story of Edna Gladney’s life, cost $1.1 million to produce; it grossed $2.65 million in box office ticket sales around the world.

And there you have 12 Gladney adoption facts for August.

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Have You Thought of Adopting From Taiwan?

Posted by Gladney Center for Adoption on 8/16/17 1:51 PM
As you explore your adoption options, you might have thought about adopting from Taiwan. Taiwan stands out from other Asian countries in several ways:
  • You receive detailed information on birth parents and family history
  • Sibling groups of all ages are available
  • Both minor and moderate types of special needs children are available
  • You can Skype with your matched child while waiting to travel to complete your adoption
  • You can receive updates on the child you're matched with almost monthly while waiting to travel
  • Find out more about Gladney's Taiwan Adoption Program today by requesting Gladney free information packet.
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Top 10 Gladney Adoption Facts

Posted by Gladney Center for Adoption on 7/30/17 10:54 AM
  1. The Adoption Department receives around 5,000 inquiries each year from those interested in adopting. Are you interested in starting your adoption journey?        GET STARTED ON YOUR ADOPTION JOURNEY
  2. In April 2002, this Gladney flag was part of the Official Flight Kit for STS-110 – the thirteenth space shuttle flight to the International Space Station. Visitors to Gladney’s Fort Worth Campus can view the flag close to Mabee Hall.
  3. Gladney went on-line in December, 1995, one of the first adoption agencies in the country to do so.
  4. Dr. William Pierce established the National Committee For Adoption’s (now National Council for Adoption) first office in Washington, DC – named the Ruby Lee Piester Center for Adoption – to educate policymakers on adoption.
  5. The average age of birth mothers today is 24-26. Read Muthoni’s adoption story.
  6. The Gladney campus on Hemphill Street was built around the original West Texas Maternity Hospital, which was located between the health clinic (formerly Duncan Memorial Hospital) and the Nina B. Reese Counseling Center.
  7. The movie Blossoms in the Dust premiered at the Worth Theater in Fort Worth on July 18, 1941. The theater was highly decorated in pink and white gladiolas in honor of Edna and Sam Gladney. MGM was said to have purchased every gladiola in the state of Texas for the event!
  8. Mrs. Gladney’s famous argument on removing the stigma of illegitimacy from birth records before the Legislature: "There are no illegitimate children, only illegitimate parents."
  9. In January of 1963, the Gladney Home was selected by the University of Texas Graduate School of Social Work as a field placement raining agency for graduate students. Are you interested in interning at Gladney? Find out about open opportunities.
  10. In addition to being Hague Accredited, Gladney is one of the few agencies that offer Hague approved training for adoptive parents. The Hague Convention stipulates that families who are adopting internationally must have ten clock hours of training covering specific topics. Gladney has incorporated all specified topics in the Hague trainings which are available online.


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CCCWA Announcement - July 18, 2017

Posted by Gladney Center for Adoption on 7/19/17 2:47 PM

Gladney received this announcement today from CCWA:

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Gladney Advocates for Children On The Hill

Posted by Gladney Center for Adoption on 7/13/17 3:47 PM

Heidi Bruegel Cox, Executive Vice President & General Counsel, spent several days this week in Washington, DC talking about adoption with government officials.  She was joined by Chuck Johnson of the National Council for Adoption as well as Gladney Board members, Chris Dezzi and Greg Castanias.

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12 Adoption Facts About Gladney You Might Not Know

Posted by Gladney Center for Adoption on 6/26/17 10:47 AM
  1. Gladney's Humanitarian Aid efforts began in 1996, when Gladney began providing the funding for a "baby home" in Can Tho, Vietnam.  Gladney placed our first baby from the orphanage in October 1996.
  2. Blossoms In The Dust was in the Top Ten films in 1941. 
  3. At the first Gladney fundraiser hosted by the Houston Auxiliary (nka the Houston GFA), adoptive parents gave Mrs. Gladney a platinum ring with five diamonds in honor of her twenty-fifth anniversary as superintendent of the Home. For once in her life, Edna, a fighter with such a tender heart, got up to the microphone to make a speech. Instead, she cried. 
  4. Today Gladney provides humanitarian aid to several areas of the world including Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa, and Latin America. Find out how you can support Gladney’s Humanitarian Aid efforts
  5. Actress Greer Garson, who played Edna Gladney in the movie Blossoms in the Dust, died in 1996. Shortly thereafter, the E.E. Fogelson and Greer Garson Fogelson Charitable Foundation in Dallas gave $500,000 to The Gladney Fund in support of endowment.  
  6. I.Z.T. Morris was among the first adoption advocates to focus on the interests of the child. He traveled and sought out children in need, interviewed prospective parents and raised money.  Today, Gladney continues that legacy of helping children in need. In our Waiting Child program, we find families for children ready to be adopted in the U.S., China, Colombia, and Taiwan.  Learn more about some of these children.
  7. The Gladney Center for Adoption has relocated five times since founded in 1887.
  8. The child who portrayed Tony in the movie Blossoms in the Dust was a 4-year-old named Pat Barker. It was only when Pat came to Fort Worth to celebrate the movie's premiere that the world discovered that Pat was actually Patricia. 
  9. Prior to its former site at 2300 Hemphill Street, Gladney was located two blocks North at 2110 Hemphill Street. The Board of Directors purchased two old apartment houses in the early 1960s, which were converted into apartments and a recreation center. Administrative offices were housed in an adjoining home. 
  10. Gladney fought two important legislative battles on behalf of adoption. Thanks to her efforts, in 1936 Texas legislators passed a bill that made Texas the first state in the Southwest to legally remove the stigma of illegitimacy from birth records. 
  11. When the first dormitory opened in 1948 at 2110 Hemphill St., furniture was purchased from the Army Surplus Store. Tables and dressers cost $3 each and chairs were 50 cents!  
  12. Edna Kahly married Sam Gladney in 1906, and they honeymooned in Havana, Cuba, for one year where Sam also had business interests.  


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Adoption Stories by Gladney - Adopted Daughter from China

Posted by Gladney Center for Adoption on 6/20/17 11:51 AM

Adoption Stories

NewsChina recently shared the adoption story of Gladney parents, Sabrina and Mark, and their daughter Veronica. Veronica was adopted from Anhui Province, China.

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11 Reasons Why We Love Edna Gladney History

Posted by Gladney Center for Adoption on 4/30/17 12:27 PM

The Gladney Center for Adoption is 130 years old this year! We want to celebrate all year long by sharing fun and interesting facts about our history and culture.  Check out these 11 facts that we put together in April.

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