A Peek into Gladney's AdoptED School Program

Posted by Caroline Peavy on 7/23/19 2:53 PM

Last week, the AdoptED team gave a presentation for a Gladney University event to inform parents, teachers, administrators, and other professionals about our AdoptED School Program. The presentation was packed with information and gave attendees a chance to see how the team is informing high schoolers about adoption.

AdoptED TeamFrom an adoptee's perspective, I found the presentation fun, interactive, and educational. It was interesting getting to see the process my birth parents and adoptive parents went through during their time at Gladney. They made the presentation fun with different incentives like candy and t-shirts for answering questions correctly.

Also, I enjoyed watching the role playing activity. Different tables pretended to be adoptive parents and were able to create their own profile books. Then the birth parents chose the family they wanted to place with and got to enact a placement of a child.

Learn How You Can Bring AdoptED  To Your School District

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