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What Is The Adoption Journey Like?

Posted by Caroline Peavy on 8/15/19 5:34 AM

reFRAMED Host, Emily Morehead, talked with Bailey Guthrie, Gladney adoptive parent, and Ashley Whiteside, LMSW, answer the question, "what is the adoption journey like" if adopting an infant. Bailey discussed the mixed feelings with the adoption process, along with personal experience of loss.

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Topics: Domestic Infant, Adoption Advice, reFRAMED Podcast

Mary Alex and the Leaf

Posted by Caroline Peavy on 8/8/19 10:13 AM


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Topics: Gladney Culture & History, Edna Gladney, Adoption Stories, Adult Adoptee

The Practice of Scientific Gratitude

Posted by Caroline Peavy on 8/3/19 9:37 AM

reFRAMED Host, Emily Morehead, talked with Staci Danford about reframing your brain with gratitude. Staci talked about how gratitude can have a major impact on your life and the different ways you can practice being grateful. Describing why you are grateful for something, like a cup of coffee, allows you to change your thought process and creates the practice of scientific gratitude. Staci's bubbly personality and captivating smile will leave you wanting more.

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Topics: Education, reFRAMED Podcast, Brain Development

A Peek into Gladney's AdoptED School Program

Posted by Caroline Peavy on 7/23/19 2:53 PM

Last week, the AdoptED team gave a presentation for a Gladney University event to inform parents, teachers, administrators, and other professionals about our AdoptED School Program. The presentation was packed with information and gave attendees a chance to see how the team is informing high schoolers about adoption.

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Topics: Gladney Intern Blog, A Day in the Life of a Gladney Intern, AdoptED, Gladney University

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