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Gladney is Growing! GCA welcomes the staff of Madison Adoption Associates and several new programs to the Gladney Family

Posted by Mark Melson on 1/29/24 12:30 AM

We are thrilled to share some remarkable news with you – the staff of Madison Adoption Associates will be joining the Gladney Center for Adoption family! This union demonstrates that GCA is growing and that our work is now expanding to new parts of the world. In fact, this partnership will give GCA the largest footprint of diversified adoption and wrap-around services in the country. 

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Topics: Support, Culture & History

Making a Difference in Adoption: Gladney's Impact in 2023

Posted by Mark Melson on 12/29/23 8:00 PM

You are an important part of our strategy as we strive to make adoption better now … and in the future. 

For 136 years, the Gladney Center for Adoption has never wavered on one thing: our steadfast belief that every child deserves a loving and caring family.  

Adoption has evolved over the past century, and friends like you have enabled Gladney to adapt the ways we support those whose lives are connected to adoption. Thank you.

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We Simply Could Not Do Our Work Without You

Posted by Mark Melson on 12/28/23 1:15 PM

Please make a gift to Gladney today and help us create more bright futures in the year ahead. 

As a Gladney supporter, you’ve helped make life-changing opportunities possible for hundreds of children and their families.   

We simply could not do our work without the support of friends like you. Your generosity bridges the gap to help us meet the needs of all of our clients, regardless of fees. 

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Gladney's Commitment to Adoption: Creating Bright Futures for Children

Posted by Mark Melson on 12/20/23 3:00 PM

Your gift today offers hope and healing for children, families, and birth parents.  I’m inspired by how far Gladney has come in 136 years, thanks to loyal supporters like you. And now we’re expanding our work to meet the needs of our clients, all while staying true to our steadfast belief: every child deserves a loving and caring family. 

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Topics: Support, Birth Mother Support, Community Support

Your Support Has Made an Incredible Impact!

Posted by Mark Melson on 12/13/23 11:30 AM

I wish we could sit down for a cup of coffee with every supporter and Gladney family, so I could share all the exciting things happening at Gladney. I’d like to use this blog to update you on how our work is expanding.  

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Topics: Support, Community Support

Your Support Helps Us Thoughtfully Consider New Factors

Posted by Mark Melson on 12/4/23 11:52 AM

Hayley and John felt led to adopt siblings, under the age of twelve, from foster care.  They weren’t swayed in their efforts, even after experiencing some challenges.  While attending an event to meet children who were available for adoption, Hayley and John noticed a tall teenage girl with bright green hair approach a boy who sat all alone on the playground.  

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Topics: Foster Adoption, New Beginnings, Community Support, Donations

In Support of Maternal, Infant Health

Posted by Mark Melson on 9/2/22 9:09 AM

We are honored to partner with Fort Worth Mayor Parker and these other fine organizations to help provide real solutions and support for maternal and infant health.  Together we can make a difference!

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Posted by Mark Melson on 9/22/21 10:00 AM

The excitement builds as you anticipate that special day … the day you meet your child. 

After years of discussion, my wife and I decided to adopt. Because I work for Gladney, the seed was already planted, but it took us a while to take that next step. Our daughters were a little older, so we thought introducing a new child, a son, into the mix probably wouldn’t be too distressing. We completed all the trainings that parents go through when adopting from foster care, and we sat through many discussions with other parents sharing how rewarding and how challenging adoption can be. My wife and I smiled at each other thinking, “Of course, there will be challenging days, but we’re super parents … just look at our two perfect daughters.” 

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Topics: Foster Adoption, Gladney Leadership, Foster Care System, Older Child Adoption

What Has Gladney Looked Like in a COVID-19 Environment?

Posted by Mark Melson on 5/20/21 9:15 AM

Lessons Learned & New Implementations

Within 24 hours of Texas’ governor’s order to stay at home in March 2020, Gladney was able to ensure that 95% of our employees who could work remotely were set up to do so in their homes. Microsoft Teams (which Gladney had had in place for over a year, though not used consistently) and other platforms, such as Zoom, quickly became commonplace and allowed us to maintain connection with our staff and teams somewhat seamlessly during the stay-at-home order. Gladney has had a business continuity plan on the shelf for some time, but this was the first real test of how it worked in practice. 

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Topics: Gladney Leadership, Gladney Culture & History

Hopeland & Gladney Join Together to Advocate for Waiting Children During National Adoption Month

Posted by Mark Melson on 11/10/20 7:47 AM

Hopeland, an organization that finds better ways to keep children in families, and the Gladney Center for Adoption, which has been creating bright futures through adoption for more than 130 years, are excited to be partnering together to celebrate National Adoption Month. In this year of all years, we are faced with a crucial moment to highlight everyone who works to ensure every child has a safe, loving home.

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Topics: National Adoption Month

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