MATCHED!! Avril {Taiwan} ❤ Peppa Pig

Posted by Superkids Team on 3/17/20 3:14 PM
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We were able to spend time with 5 year old Avril again during our Superkids trip to Taiwan in November. We have met sweet Avril a couple of times now, and we always enjoy getting to spend time with her. She is active and fun, and has a good sense of humor! Avril is very verbal and fun to talk with. When we asked if she would count for us, she said “I can’t count now, I’ll get too distracted!” I think playing takes priority over counting any day!

Waiting Children - Gladney Center for AdoptionAvril loves to play pretend and made sure to cook us up a big feast. At one point she was bored of our conversation, so she went and climbed into a baby bouncer seat and looked at us like “Hey, there are more fun things to do than just sit around talking!” However, she did share with us that her favorite animals are penguins, which she had recently seen at the zoo, and her favorite color is red. She loves Peppa Pig and playing outside.

Avril has more complicated medical needs, including CHD. Her adoptive family will need to be prepared, as she will most likely need some serious surgeries and possibly transplants in the future. To review Avril’s full profile, please contact

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