Everything You Need To Know About the China Ambassadors of Love Program

Posted by Wendy Stanley, LMSW, JD on 10/7/19 12:30 PM
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The Ambassadors of Love Program is a volunteer program sponsored by the China Center for Child Welfare and Adoption (CCCWA).  Social Welfare Institutes throughout China may implement the program through identifying children in their care who may participate in activities and interact with volunteers.  Gladney Center for Adoption is assisting CCCWA to recruit volunteers.  Due to the nature of this program, and the medical and developmental needs of the children, volunteers need to be adults who are emotionally mature and culturally aware.  If you are interested in learning more information, or to request registration and application materials, please email mary.chapman@gladney.org

Ambassadors of Love Program - Gladney Center for AdoptionHow long is the trip? 

Gladney is facilitating a one-week trip to China:  November 22-30, 2019.  The next Ambassador Trip will be planned for April or May of 2020.

Who can volunteer? 

China accepts volunteers for this program who support international adoption and would like to volunteer themselves to help children with special needs have more opportunities for adoption into a permanent family.  China welcomes prospective adoptive parents to participate in this program, but it is not a requirement that volunteers be in the adoption process.

What will volunteers do with the children? 

Volunteers will interact with the children based on the ages and abilities of the children.  Interactions may take place in a classroom or meeting room as well as outdoor parks or other destinations.  One-on-one play of games, puzzles, crafts, etc. are the types of indoor activities that volunteers may choose to engage in.  Volunteers who accompany children on outdoor activities, will guide the children to use their senses to enjoy the excursion. 

Do you spend time with multiple children, or is one specific child assigned to a volunteer before travel? 

In most cases, volunteers will spend time with multiple children.

What is the cost involved?  

Fees for an Ambassador trip with Gladney include an application fee of $350 and travel fees of $2,500 (this includes international airfare to China, in-China transportation, hotel accommodations for the week, and meals).

Will volunteers meet with the children at the orphanages? 

Adoptive Parents and other Ambassador of Love volunteers will not be visiting the orphanages.  Interactions may take place in an indoor classroom or meeting room, or outdoors on field trips to local venues.

Do prospective adoptive parents need to travel to China on an Ambassador Trip in order to adopt one of the children who are approved for the Ambassador of Love Program? 

No, prospective adoptive parents may be considered for matching, referral and adoption of a child who was approved for the Ambassador program, without participating in the Ambassador trip.  All children eligible for international adoption are on the shared list and matched via the CCCWA database.

Do participants who want to go to China on an Ambassador of Love trip need to have a current home study? 

Participants do not need to have a current home study.  However, if you are a prospective adoptive parent you are encouraged to have a completed home study.  

Do you need to have started an adoption application with Gladney Center to participate in an Ambassador trip? 

No, the Gladney Center accepts qualified volunteers who support international adoption and help children with special needs find adoptive homes.


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