International Adult Adoptee Joins reFRAMED Podcast

Posted by Nancy Robbins on 7/24/19 8:53 AM

It was bound to happen after 25 years of working at Gladney. The Gladney Babies that I heard about and saw photos of when I first started have all grown up.  Many are in college and a few choose to apply to intern at Gladney.  One of these Gladney Babies is Elena Hall

Elena Hall - International Adult AdopteeElena was adopted by her parents through Gladney's Russia Adoption Program. To see her on campus and to watch her passion for adoption as she interns in our Domestic Infant Program makes my heart smile. This young woman has already accomplished so much -- from receiving her undergraduate degree from Baylor University, to currently working on her Master's in Social Work from University of Texas at Arlington, to writing and publishing a book, Through Adopted Eyes

Watch Elena talk with reFRAMED Podcast Host, Emily Morehead, on our recent episode, Reframing Through Adopted Eyes, discuss being an international adult adoptee. 


If you have questions for Elena or Emily, please add a comment below. 

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