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Posted by Mary Ann Stephens on 7/31/18 12:55 PM

A Day in the Life of a Gladney Intern

My connection with Gladney began two years ago when one of my classes required that I do volunteer work for a non-profit organization. While volunteering I learned they needed a driver for the expectant moms living in the dorm so I decided to apply. Over the last two years I developed an appreciation for the culture and commitment Gladney has to help those in need. I wanted to understand other ways that Gladney positively impacts lives and so I decided to do my Internship with them.

Over the last few months I have been an Intern in the New Beginnings department where we connect loving families with children who are in foster care. I have seen how caseworkers selflessly put their clients first. They advocate for the adoptive parents when working with CPS in placing a child. Caseworkers often comment on how they received calls at 11:00 at night from clients desiring to process their day. They travel long distances to visit with clients after a child has been placed to follow-up with how things are going. Watching the selfless acts of both caseworkers and adoptive parents provide a forever home for children in need, warms my heart. Gladney Intern BlogThe four-inch file that is slowly created during the process of adoption represents strands of a tapestry uniting the efforts of stable, caring, compassionate adoptive parents, and selfless caseworkers with a child who most likely have experienced trauma. It is humbling to see parents willing to face the challenge of helping a young child adapt, survive, and thrive.

I appreciate how I have been able to observe a small part of the journey that caseworkers and adoptive parents experience. I understand that what sustains us is the depth of our connections and I recognize that Gladney helps weave a strong tapestry of support. I’m grateful to have been one small thread.

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