You Will Always be Essential to Gladney

Posted by Lisa Schuessler on 12/17/20 1:45 PM
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Love for a child changes everything. Adoption means change and rocks lives and homes to their core. We recently asked adult adoptees, birth parents, adoptive parents, family members, and Gladney staff members to share what adoption means to them, and they shared these words: dreams, whole, safe, connection, opportunity, passion, future, gift, joy, perspectives, sacrifice, love, and hope. In a continuing season of both change and stillness in our world, we are grateful for the foundation that family connections build in a child’s life.

Montage Finale for National Adoption MonthJust as family will always be essential to our mission of Creating Bright Futures Through Adoption, you will always be essential to Gladney—we need you. We are not immune to the challenges many individuals, families, and organizations are currently facing. Thank you for thinking of and supporting Gladney. Our caseworkers remain on the frontlines—continuing to serve expectant mothers who are making an adoption plan, care for teenage girls in foster care in the Gladney Home, advocate to find adoptive families for waiting children in state foster care and international orphanages, be with adoptive families when their new children are placed with them, and educate and equip families to thrive. Our mission and services continue.

Gladney promises to be Family for Life. The adoption journey is unique and personal to each birth parent, child, adoptive parent, and adult adoptee. Our clients all have different challenges, strengths, needs, and experiences. What connects all of us is that we navigate the journey together. Thank you for your investment and involvement in our clients’ lives. Your support sustains Gladney, allowing us to be present and meet their individualized needs in a personal way—step by step, through changing seasons of life … during their adoption process and for years to come.

We feel grateful and renewed when we see people wanting to help, and our shared belief that Every Child Deserves a Loving and Caring Family keep us moving forward. We appreciate you!

There are several ways to stay connected: follow and engage with Gladney on Facebook and Instagram, advocate to find a family for a waiting child featured on a Gladney blog post, participate in a Gladney University webinar, watch and share Gladney client story videos on YouTube, listen to a Birth Mothers Amplified podcast episode on, or refer a friend who is considering adopting a child to to research resources.

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