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A Day in the Life of an Adoptive Parent Caseworker

Posted by Elena Hall on 6/18/19 6:08 AM

Last week was full of adventure, paperwork, and phone calls – but Friday was a day to remember. I want to show you all how my day was on Friday. It was a rollercoaster of emotions and experiences. So here is a look into a busy day as a Domestic Adoptive Parent caseworker masters level intern:

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International Adoption + Gladney + Gladney Family = Gladney Baby Intern

Posted by Elena Hall on 2/23/19 12:11 PM

Sitting here at my desk at the same adoption organization my parents came to is so surreal.  Being a Social Work intern at Gladney right now is so special because it allows me to connect with where my new life with my family began.  As a future social worker, my goal is to help others on their adoption journeys and support all members of the adoption triad.  I just finished a big personal project of mine which was publishing my book called Through Adopted Eyes: A Collection of Memoirs from Adoptees – which includes my own thoughts and perspective on adoption as a Russian adoptee.  The book also includes the emotional and amazing stories of 50 other adoptees and talks about the best and worst things about being an adoptee and what adoptees wish others knew.  These adoptees of all different ages have differing backgrounds, perspectives, and adoptee insight. 

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