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Gladney Home Sensory Spaces

Posted by Heather Rogers, MA, LPC on 3/29/21 8:15 AM

In 2019 Gladney opened our Gladney Home Residential program for teenage girls currently in foster care.  One of the things that we really desired for the Home was a Sensory Room for the girls where they would be able to have their sensory needs met and engage in sensory rich experiences.  We know the importance and impact that sensory integration can have for youth, especially youth that have experienced trauma.  In 2021, we are excited that we have been able to make the dream of our sensory spaces a reality!  Thanks to the generosity of the Sid W. Richardson Foundation as well as being able to partner with Stacy’s Sensory Solutions we have created 2 rooms for our girls in the Home to use. 

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Giving Thanks at the Gladney Home

Posted by Heather Rogers, MA, LPC on 11/25/20 2:00 PM

This year, maybe more than in years past, we are counting all of our blessings and giving thanks for everything we have - down to the simplest of things.  This week in the Gladney Home we took some time with our girls to talk about what things we are thankful for.  The answers ranged from food and laughter to our health and the people in our lives that we love and cherish.  It was a beautiful moment to be still and connect with each other. 

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Social Distancing in the Gladney Home

Posted by Heather Rogers, MA, LPC on 3/25/20 9:45 AM

As you may know, the Gladney Home is housing teenage girls currently in foster care. Like most, we are now on an extended spring break and practicing social distancing. This can be challenging, not only with little kids at home, but older kids as well. To avoid the lure of constant Netflix, iPhones, and screen time, here are some things that we have been doing to break up the day and keep everyone entertained.

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Organizing The Gladney Home

Posted by Heather Rogers, MA, LPC on 2/28/20 9:14 AM

When Gladney announced the exciting news about The Gladney Home last year, we knew we wanted to provide our live-in clients with a homelike family feel. Having a living place for 15 teenage girls can seem chaotic and overwhelming in the best of times so we were thrilled when The Container Store and The Organized Nest stepped in to help.

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