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Ivy Byun is a licensed professional counselor with a background in marriage and family therapy. She began working in the field of adoption fifteen years ago and has journeyed with couples experiencing infertility, adoptive families, birth parents, and foster families. She holds a doctorate in counselor education and supervision, and she teaches graduate courses in counselor education. In her free time, she and her four boys (husband + three sons, ages 4, 2, and 6 months) enjoy playing ultimate frisbee, traveling, and eating.

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“I’m so sorry, I had no idea”

Posted by Ivy Byun, PhD, LPC on 4/13/21 1:45 PM

It has been quiet. I am an adoption professional, a professor, an owner of a professional frisbee team, a wife of a neonatologist, and a mother of three boys, so I am generally too busy to notice the quiet. But when I pause, the silence is deafening.

The silence reinforces what we as Asian Americans are taught to do--keep our heads down, work hard, assimilate. There is a particular problem of silence in acknowledging and addressing race when it comes to the Asian American community. Some of it has to do with the model minority myth or the perpetual foreigner stereotype. We have been conditioned to stay silent and accept silence from others because silence is a relief from hostility.

Though my culture teaches me to suppress feelings and to avoid making people uncomfortable, my profession is about leaning into discomfort and talking about feelings.

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