Meet Jayden, a Superkid

Posted by Superkids Team on 6/3/21 3:09 PM

Meet Jayden! Jayden is an adorable 5-year-old boy who is strong and active. Jayden's teachers at school say he is quite cooperative, gets along well with his peers, and is not shy with strangers. He is trusting of others and likes to be close with people. Jayden likes watching cartoons and is especially interested in wheels. He also likes to play at the park, throw balls, and scoot around a bicycle. Jayden lives a stable daily life with a normal routine. Jayden is easily excited and likes to attract attention from adults to test their reactions.

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How Did You Feel in 2020 About Staying Home?

Posted by Gladney Center for Adoption on 6/2/21 1:11 PM

Hear From Our Team

We asked our team questions about how they've managed the last year in a pandemic.

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Meet Josephine, a Superkid

Posted by Superkids Team on 6/1/21 9:20 AM

We are so excited to introduce you to Miss Josephine! Josephine is 7-and-a-half-year-old girl who is lively, outgoing, and gentle. She likes to interact with others and tends to play with younger children. She also likes to play sports and is happy most of the time. Josephine has recently been practicing keeping her school bag organized and putting her books in place.

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Homemade Soaps

Posted by Tiffany Ngeny on 5/28/21 9:45 AM

I wouldn’t consider myself to be the craftiest person, but when asked to come up with ideas for the residents in the group home, I thought to myself ‘challenge accepted’. Before starting my internship in the home, I created a PowerPoint of different activities for both indoor and outdoor. I used most of those activities for my planning, but others just came one a whim. This particular activity was one of those on-a-whim ideas. 

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Celebrate AAPI Heritage Month

Posted by Lindsay Garrett, LCSW-S on 5/26/21 6:52 AM

Looking for ways to celebrate AAPI heritage month? Check out dual language books! The book Series Mina Learns Chinese was created by Katrina Lui, an American born Chinese/Taiwanese mom whose mission is “To add more Asian faces to the world of children’s books and to leave a legacy for my daughter by creating books where she can see herself reflected in them.”

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MATCHED! Meet Julia, a Superkid

Posted by Superkids Team on 5/25/21 7:07 AM


We are so excited to introduce you to Julia! We have lots of adorable photos of 6-year-old Julia that we can’t share publicly, so please be sure to join our Taiwan Waiting Child Advocacy group on Facebook to see them!


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What Has Gladney Looked Like in a COVID-19 Environment?

Posted by Mark Melson on 5/20/21 9:15 AM

Lessons Learned & New Implementations

Within 24 hours of Texas’ governor’s order to stay at home in March 2020, Gladney was able to ensure that 95% of our employees who could work remotely were set up to do so in their homes. Microsoft Teams (which Gladney had had in place for over a year, though not used consistently) and other platforms, such as Zoom, quickly became commonplace and allowed us to maintain connection with our staff and teams somewhat seamlessly during the stay-at-home order. Gladney has had a business continuity plan on the shelf for some time, but this was the first real test of how it worked in practice. 

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Be a Mentor

Posted by Gladney Center for Adoption on 5/17/21 12:57 PM

'My name is Jeremy Tilley. My family started our new beginnings adoption journey in 2017. We had raised our biological twins to the age of 5 and were confident that we understood what it took to be parents and convey parental love to any child, even one not born to us.

In April of 2018 my wife and I had completed all of our requirements to register to adopt, and we waited for God to lead us to our child. In August, much faster than we were ready for, we got our call. We dropped our twins off at school and, very nervously, headed south to see what God had instore for us. He was 20 months old, he only spoke a few words, he was on a feeding tube, he had a clubbed foot, and his bones were twisted. This tough little package was a year behind, had a medical file that was three inches thick, five medications and four doctor’s appointments every week. He was so busy surviving that he had never even been to a park.

I would love to tell you that there was an instant bond. I would love to say that when we held him, we knew that he was our son, but none of that would be true. We were just straight up scared and blindly proceeding forward, trusting in the process. What we didn’t understand was that the process was never going to be enough to see us through.

Two weeks after our son moved in, my wife had surgery (Ovarian Cystectomy). A week after her surgery we decided to start the process of teaching our son how to eat. It was substantially more difficult than we could have ever imagined and in the end took us six months. Two weeks after my wife’s first surgery, she had to go back in for a full hysterectomy. While she was in recovery, I was alone with our son at one of his many doctors’ appointments when I was told that our best option to fix his clubbed foot was amputation. Two weeks after that, a tumor was discovered in my throat and I went in for emergency surgery. During all of this, even at only 21 months old, our newest family member was testing our resolve every moment of every day. We could barely breathe, let alone bond with our scared little man.

We were so overwhelmed that we actually considered throwing in the towel and admitting defeat. We were so lost that we couldn’t even see that we needed help. We knew that Gladney was there for us at a moment’s notice, but we needed something more, something different. What we needed, what I needed, was someone who had been through this. I needed someone who could look at me and say “I understand because I’ve been there.” Someone who understood our mess, and the beauty that it could one day be. I needed to know, from someone with experience, that one day when my son hugged me and said “Dad, I love you”, I’d be able to look back on that difficult period and be truly grateful for our journey. Though I didn’t know it at the time, I needed a mentor. We needed mentors.

Today our son isn’t on a single medication. He doesn’t stop talking, eats us out of house and home, has terrible morning breath, gives the best hugs, wrestles with his brother, annoys his sister, loves to cook, climbs trees like squirrel, and couldn’t be pried away from us by a thousand horses. There are some days when I literally forget that my youngest son is adopted. I can now look back and be grateful for the journey.

We’re on the other side of our adoption story, and even though our family is complete, we know that we have more to give. I know there are thousands of you out there, just like us, wanting to help those who are just beginning their journey. They’re scared, they’re overwhelmed, and they need us….. They need you. They need you to look at them and say “I understand, because I’ve been there.” If you, like us, feel the calling to be an ear, a voice, an example of the joy that can be…. There are families that are starting their adoption journeys that need understanding experience. Answer the call and come
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Meet Kaeleb, a Superkid

Posted by Superkids Team on 5/5/21 9:38 AM

We are back with more updates on 'super' Kaeleb! We have met Kaeleb several times over the years and have tremendous amounts of information on him. If you want to learn more about Kaeleb, don't forget to tune in for ourFacebook live presentation on Thursday, May 6th!


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Meet Kellan, a Superkid

Posted by Superkids Team on 5/3/21 7:48 AM

Just wait until you hear about the progress Kellan has made since we last met him in November 2019, in Taiwan! If you want to learn even more about Kellan, don't forget to tune in for our Facebook live presentation on Tuesday, May 4th!


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