Six Days Before Turning 18

Posted by Gladney Center for Adoption on 1/23/20 7:45 AM

Late last year, WFAA shared a wonderful update in their Wednesday's Child segment. Eric, a 17-year-old boy in foster care, was featured in October 2019. That appearance inspired a Gladney Family to take action. By November, just six days before his 18th birthday, Eric officially became a member of their family. 

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Join Us At Lunar New Year Festivities

Posted by Wendy Stanley, LMSW, JD on 1/22/20 4:22 PM

Join Gladney Center staff and friends to enjoy an afternoon of Lunar New Year festivities!

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Kellan {Taiwan}

Posted by Superkids Team on 1/16/20 9:32 AM

Is there anything cuter than a little 3 year old boy in a train shirt with yellow sleeves? I think not!

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Asa {Taiwan}

Posted by Superkids Team on 1/14/20 4:30 AM

Oh my! It took no time for us to all fall in love with Asa! We met him when we were in Taiwan in November and he is such a personable little guy! 

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Juniper {China}

Posted by Superkids Team on 1/13/20 5:30 AM

The first time I went to China with Superkids, back in 2013, I met a little girl. She was 6 years old at the time. She had strabismus and was missing the toes on one foot. The result of this, coupled with her too-big shoes, was many falls. But she slipped and fell and jumped right up again and kept going. She laughed with delighted abandon at the bubbles one of our team members blew.

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Meet Sisters Katelyn & Kameron {Taiwan}

Posted by Superkids Team on 1/10/20 8:31 AM

Learn More About This ChildWe’ve got two more adorable sisters to introduce you to – meet Katelyn, who turns 8 years old next week (!), and her sister Kameron, who is 6 years old. We were able to meet these sweet girls during our Superkids trip in November. We have additional photos and information from this meeting that can be shared with families interested in being considered for matching.

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MATCHED! Meet Marianne {Taiwan}

Posted by Superkids Team on 1/7/20 9:54 AM

Learn More About This Child

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The Next Right Thing

Posted by Mark Melson on 1/1/20 9:59 AM

Sitting in church this past Sunday our associate pastor was delivering a message taken from the movie Frozen 2.  I’ll admit that it took me about two years to see the first Frozen and I have yet to see the second, however I did YouTube what she was talking about.  In the movie there is a song that Anna (Kristin Bell) sings called The Next Right Thing. Even though I haven't seen the movie, this resonated with me because the message seemed to be about overcoming adversity or tackling big problems by doing The Next Right Thing. 

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You Support Gladney in Many Ways

Posted by Lisa Schuessler on 12/31/19 7:45 AM

As I reflect on the past year and look ahead to the future, I want you to know your support matters. I’m writing on behalf of women, children, and families who feel grateful for you during this season. Although they do not know you, I do, and I want to share this message of appreciation with you: Thank you for choosing to get involved with Gladney and giving towards our mission (and towards their lives).

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MATCHED!!  Kayla, Kacey, & Katie - Sisters {Taiwan}

Posted by Superkids Team on 12/31/19 5:30 AM


If you are part of our private Taiwan advocacy group on Facebook you had the chance to help us name these 3 adorable sisters. We met them when we were in Taiwan last month. 

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