A Number I Didn’t Recognize

Posted by Jennifer Lanter on 8/2/19 12:36 PM

Yesterday was a difficult day. It was one of those days where everything is hard, and nothing goes as planned both at work and at home. My husband was traveling, my son had multiple places to be, I had a ton of stuff going on at work and to top it off someone I love was hurting.

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Jack & Twins - Rick & Ryder {China}

Posted by Superkids Team on 8/2/19 7:53 AM
Jack is a handsome 7 year old boy from China. He is a very caring little boy who will ask his caregivers if they need to rest or if they need food when he sees them looking tired. He likes to listen to music and to play outside. He gets along well with his peers.
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Bella {China}

Posted by Superkids Team on 7/25/19 9:05 AM

Bella is such a beautiful little girl! She is 5 years old, but most of the information we have for her is from when she was 2. 

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International Adult Adoptee Joins reFRAMED Podcast

Posted by Nancy Robbins on 7/24/19 8:53 AM

It was bound to happen after 25 years of working at Gladney. The Gladney Babies that I heard about and saw photos of when I first started have all grown up.  Many are in college and a few choose to apply to intern at Gladney.  One of these Gladney Babies is Elena Hall

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A Peek into Gladney's AdoptED School Program

Posted by Caroline Peavy on 7/23/19 2:53 PM

Last week, the AdoptED team gave a presentation for a Gladney University event to inform parents, teachers, administrators, and other professionals about our AdoptED School Program. The presentation was packed with information and gave attendees a chance to see how the team is informing high schoolers about adoption.

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AdoptED Influencing National Magazine

Posted by Kerry Tobar on 7/22/19 8:03 AM

As an AdoptED Education Specialist, I have the privilege of meeting some amazing educators and students on a daily basis. Our AdoptED team provides schools and students with free education and resources about adoption using a hands-on, interactive curriculum. It is so wonderful to when they become the adoption advocates.

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Understanding Red Flags In Your Teenager's Behavior

Posted by Nancy Robbins on 7/5/19 8:18 AM

"Why Do Teens Consider Suicide? More than '13 Reasons Why'"

After an education Gladney University training by Dr. Connie Avila and Ms. Ashley Scott on teen suicide, the reFRAMED Podcast team continued the conversation with our special guests on the reFRAMED Podcast in Episode 7. 

reFRAMED Host, Emily Morehead, talked with Connie and Ashley about how to navigate the in's and out's of the teenage brain in today's world.  Even though it's  daunting to understand red flags your teenager's behavior raise, it is necessary  to tackle these issues to open up communication between parent and teen. Whether your child is struggling with a mental health disorder or perhaps just feeling overwhelmed, Emily and guests discuss the tools needed to assist your teen as they deal with heavy expectations, social media angst, changes in their body, and growing independence. 

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Adopting Internationally - Children Available

Posted by Leslie Winston on 6/26/19 8:49 AM

How Does This Work?

“We would like to adopt a child who needs us - Who are the children needing adoption in China?”

Depending on who you ask, you will get a variety of answers.  As you consider adopting from China – here is some context that we think is helpful and hopeful that shows many families are successfully adopting from China.

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A Day in the Life of an Adoptive Parent Caseworker

Posted by Elena Hall on 6/18/19 6:08 AM

Last week was full of adventure, paperwork, and phone calls – but Friday was a day to remember. I want to show you all how my day was on Friday. It was a rollercoaster of emotions and experiences. So here is a look into a busy day as a Domestic Adoptive Parent caseworker masters level intern:

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Tools and Resources to Help Children In Foster Care

Posted by Emily Morehead, MA, LPC on 6/12/19 3:34 PM

With the majority of children entering the Foster Care System before the age of 2 years old there is a great need for foster parents, adoptive parents, teachers, clinicians and medical providers to have tools and resources. Recently I read a harrowing statistic that in the state of Texas there were 4,310 children removed from their parents before or at the age of one years old. Helping the tiniest of our people understand their story, hurt and incorporate emotional and physical wellness should be all of our priority. Recently Sesame Street announced that they were releasing a new resource connection for children who are or have been in foster care and the adults in their lives.

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