Jumping Jack! {China}

Posted by Superkids Team on 3/31/20 4:00 PM

SuperKids has taken numerous trips to China and Taiwan to visit and provide assessments to potential families wanting to learn more about a waiting child.  It was nearly 4 years ago when we last saw Jack, but we have never forgotten him.  10 year old Jack has been a favorite among many of our professional volunteers and caseworkers at Gladney.... but yet he still waits.

We have Jack described as smart, vibrant and energetic.  He likes to talk with people and when he is happy, he talks with his friends and is very excitable.  He has a good relationship with his peers in the classroom and orphanage setting.  He is liked by all.

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Fredish Terms for COVID-19

Posted by Emily Morehead, MA, LPC on 3/30/20 9:15 AM

I don’t know about you but I am parenting a “feeler”. What I mean by this is that he is keenly aware of any change in routine, behavior, and feeds off it. Meaning it is my job to be his internal regulator by calming my own chaos. Through our families' decision to practice social distancing and being aware about COVID-19, I have had to practice my own internal regulation in order to be able to guide my child through this time. When he asks big questions like “why can’t I go to school, play at the park, or see grandpa”. I have found pause with how to answer him.

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Birth Parents and Pandemic – How We Can Get Through This

Posted by Amy Shore, MA, M.Ed., LPC on 3/27/20 9:25 AM

As a birth parent caseworker in Houston, I am used to meeting with my expectant mothers face to face in their homes or in a public place where we can plan their adoptions.  However, COVID-19 came to town and abruptly halted our way of meeting. How do I provide the services and the attention that my clients need at this time of crisis in the community (and the world!)?

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Social Distancing in the Gladney Home

Posted by Heather Rogers, MA, LPC on 3/25/20 9:45 AM

As you may know, the Gladney Home is housing teenage girls currently in foster care. Like most, we are now on an extended spring break and practicing social distancing. This can be challenging, not only with little kids at home, but older kids as well. To avoid the lure of constant Netflix, iPhones, and screen time, here are some things that we have been doing to break up the day and keep everyone entertained.

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Arts & Crafts Are Jackie's {China}  Jam

Posted by Superkids Team on 3/24/20 7:45 PM

Jackie’s file was initially prepared in August 2017. Jackie is an observant child. After adjustment in her environment, she was more active, completed tasks quickly and her work was the top in her class.

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How to Create Routine When There Isn’t One

Posted by Emily Morehead, MA, LPC on 3/23/20 9:15 AM

I don’t know about you but last week was full of meltdowns for my toddler. He feels confused that his routine is off, he isn’t going to school, and let’s be real, he is probably confused why I’m cooking food instead of going to a restaurant. Our first day of working from home was a bit of a free for all because we don’t even have structure yet as we adapt to the new normal of mom and dad both working from home with both boys.

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Being a Social Worker in a Time of Crisis

Posted by Ginny Manley, LPC on 3/21/20 12:54 PM

What a whirlwind of a week! Last Friday seems like a lifetime ago—so much has changed, and the amount of uncertainty and uneasiness is amplified times a thousand.  On Monday, Gladney made the decision to close its campus to outside visitors for the immediate future due to the COVID-19 virus.  Outside events on our campus were cancelled or postponed, and only essential personnel or vendors are currently allowed on campus to ensure the safety of our community.  If able, employees are to work from home.  Our CEO, Mark Melson, shared a video encouraging us that although things will look very different for the time being, business as usual will try to continue as much as possible.

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Seeking Connection in a Social Distancing World

Posted by Jennifer Lanter on 3/20/20 8:30 AM

It seems we have been bombarded with unsettling news for weeks.  And depending on your personality, social distancing could be your worst nightmare or your dream come true (under different circumstances).  For me, it's a little of both.  I have enjoyed some special blessings during this time.  For example, my daughter who is a college student several hundred miles away has been home.  Our whole family has enjoyed being together and playing domino games late into the night.  We have had dance parties and cooking contests and we have had some quiet moments too, like cuddling and watching movies.  There has been some blessings in all this chaos.

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Share the Giggles with Arnold {Taiwan}

Posted by Superkids Team on 3/19/20 12:30 PM

Meet 5 year old Arnold! He is a fun-loving, social little guy with a sweet giggle we heard a lot while spending time with him in November. He was good at figuring out our toys which were new to him, and even helped to clean up without being asked!

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VIDEO: Meet Newly Two Year Old Rex {China}!

Posted by Superkids Team on 3/18/20 6:45 AM

Rex’s file was initially prepared when he was around 15 months old.  At the time, he was sitting up for short periods of time and was learning to crawl.  An update from November 2019, shows progress in his development as he is pulling up to hold onto a ride along toy and another showing him sitting and playing the piano. 

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