Remy {China}

Posted by Superkids Team on 3/12/19 8:21 AM

One of the things that happens as a child advocate is that you fall in love with certain children. Remy is one of those. I met him several times back when superkids was visiting China frequently. He is cute and funny and quickly picks up on things even when you don't speak the same language. Act it out once or twice and Remy has got it!

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Podcast Guest Marshall Lyles on reFRAMED

Posted by Nancy Robbins on 3/11/19 12:00 AM

"Lean In"

On Episode 2 of the reFRAMED Podcast, our guest, Marshall Lyles, LPC-S, LMFT-S, RPT-S, EMDRIA Approved Consultant, had a wonderful conversation about mindful parenting and attachment. It's about taking a breath and being in the moment in order to have mindful awareness of what's needed for your child.

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Get Ready for Gladney’s Camp Forge 2019!

Posted by Mark Melson on 3/10/19 4:00 PM

Although it’s still cold outside (depending on the day here in Texas!), IT’S SUMMER CAMP REGISTRATION TIME!!  This year’s Gladney Camp Forge will be held July 28th – August 3rd in Granbury, Texas.  This week-long overnight camp for Gladney kids age 7--16 will be a blast.  My 10 year old son is going this year and he is so excited!  Parents if you are looking for a great way for your Gladney baby to connect with others and have a super fun time, Camp Forge is it! Registration is now open:

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February's Top 5 FAQs

Posted by Gladney Center for Adoption on 3/8/19 10:04 AM

We love educating people about adoption and Gladney. Below are the Top 5 questions Gladney's Team were asked in February:

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News From Gladney

Posted by Mark Melson on 3/7/19 7:04 AM

Dear Gladney Family,

For 132 years, Gladney’s mission has been Creating Bright Futures Through Adoption. During the last few decades, we have seen many changes in the adoption world: international adoption reaching a peak of placements into the U.S. in 2004 and then on a steady decline to this day; domestic infant adoption continuing to be the backbone of our organization, but every day providing new challenges as to how we introduce the option of adoption to an expectant mother; and the need for raising awareness for placing children from foster care continues to grow at a rapid rate. At the core, our mission has remained the same and is reflected in every aspect of our organization, from programming to our wonderful campus; a setting that has provided memories of comfort and joy to so many of our families and children over the years and will continue to do so for generations to come.

However, as our world evolves, we must evolve, too! A few weeks ago, we hosted the Gladney Center board on campus. We concluded our Monday meeting with a deep discussion on the use of our residential home. Over the last decade, the need for the residential home for expectant mothers has declined, and we have been able to serve these clients in their home communities in an equally effective way. Over the past 6 months, we have been evaluating different opportunities for the home and ultimately determined the greatest need in our community is housing for teen and pre-teen girls who are currently living in foster care. Beginning in April, we will open our doors to meet this need in conjunction with Our Community Our Kids (OCOK), the foster placement contract holder in this region of Texas. During this year-long pilot project, we will house up to 15 female youth who are currently in foster care, available for adoption, basic to moderate level of care, and actively seeking adoption. Our success will be measured in many ways, but a primary one will be adoptive placement for the youth. Following the first year, we will evaluate the potential to grow the program to 30 youth (the max capacity of the home). Let me stress that adoption is the ultimate goal, but in the event we can’t find a forever family for each youth, providing teenage normalcy, preparation for life after foster care, and support for healing from their past trauma will be key areas of focus. As more details are finalized, we will share them, but for now, please know a tremendous amount of work has gone into making this decision. I’m confident we will be successful in year one and for many years to come.

This move does not diminish our focus on domestic infant or international adoptions; however, this is a big step for Gladney and a departure from our recent history. For the past 70+ years, we have operated a maternity home on our campus – this is the end of an era. It’s also a return to our roots. We began our story 132 years ago by bringing vulnerable, neglected, and abandoned youth into our home. This step will widen the impact Gladney will have on children and families across Texas and beyond because every child deserves a loving and caring family, and every means every.


Mark Melson
Gladney Dad, President, & CEO
Gladney Center for Adoption

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Autumn {Taiwan}

Posted by Superkids Team on 3/6/19 7:33 AM

We have new files of children from Taiwan. And I sort of kind of fell in love as soon as  open Autumn's file. I'm going to have to get a little creative with the photos to be able to share them here, but that is why you need to join our private Facebook group where we can post pictures we cannot post publicly. We are planning to be able to meet Autumn when we go to Taiwan in April, but I didn't want to wait that long to introduce her here. This little one is cute, cute, cute!

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Divya {China} URGENT!!

Posted by Superkids Team on 3/5/19 8:13 AM

Divya will age out in December. We need a family to step forward right away for this lovely girl! She has no known health needs. She is described as being very smart even though she has not had a lot of education.

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ReFraming Grief

Posted by Nancy Robbins on 3/4/19 8:15 AM

"We Can't Fix Grief"

Mary Kathryn Nader, LPC, and Emily Morehead, LPC have a conversation about grief in the first episode of the podcast reFRAMEDGrief over a death; a loss of culture through an international adoption; a loss of a birth child through placing a child for adoption; a loss of caretakers and family life as we know it through removal by Child Protection Services.

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Introducing reFRAMED

Posted by Gladney Center for Adoption on 2/27/19 10:01 AM

We are thrilled to introduce you to reFRAMED, a podcast presented by the Gladney Center for Adoption. Our podcast is for adoptive parents, therapists, clinicians, educators, and other professionals who have a love for children and a desire to meet their needs.

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Ciana {China}

Posted by Superkids Team on 2/26/19 8:51 AM

We give the children we advocate for advocacy names for privacy purposes. While the names are significant to the children, they do hold some level of meaning to us since thats how we refer to the children we advocate for. This morning I needed a name for a little girl and saw that the meaning of her Chinese name is light. So I did a quick Google search and found a list of names meaning light. I ended up choosing Ciana for her. I have never heard it before, but I just loved it! I think it fits her.

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