International Adoption + Gladney + Gladney Family = Gladney Baby Intern

Posted by Elena Hall on 2/23/19 12:11 PM

Sitting here at my desk at the same adoption organization my parents came to is so surreal.  Being a Social Work intern at Gladney right now is so special because it allows me to connect with where my new life with my family began.  As a future social worker, my goal is to help others on their adoption journeys and support all members of the adoption triad.  I just finished a big personal project of mine which was publishing my book called Through Adopted Eyes: A Collection of Memoirs from Adoptees – which includes my own thoughts and perspective on adoption as a Russian adoptee.  The book also includes the emotional and amazing stories of 50 other adoptees and talks about the best and worst things about being an adoptee and what adoptees wish others knew.  These adoptees of all different ages have differing backgrounds, perspectives, and adoptee insight. 

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Martin Update {Taiwan}

Posted by Superkids Team on 2/20/19 2:26 PM

Oh sweet little Martin! How we love seeing you when we visit Taiwan! 

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Penny {China}

Posted by Superkids Team on 2/19/19 1:16 PM

I think I could just post Penny's pictures and call it a day. She is just that precious! I think someone is going to see her and their heart is going to say, "There she is!" And that will be that.

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MATCHED!! Archie Update {Taiwan}

Posted by Superkids Team on 2/15/19 7:12 AM


We were able to meet with sweet, 10 year old, Archie again during our visit in the fall. Archie has been living in the same foster family since he was an infant, and it’s clear he has a good relationship with his foster mother. She told us that he is a polite, considerate, gentle boy who helps to care for the younger foster brother in the home.

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Superkids Family Story: Part 1

Posted by Superkids Team on 2/13/19 2:41 PM
Over the next few months we are excited to include in the China & Taiwan Newsletter an intimate and exciting recounting of one family's recent adoption experiences. The author, a father along with his wife are now parenting two boys from China. They adopted David in 2016 and they returned home with Roy earlier this year.
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Brothers – Kyle, Kristopher & Kirk {Taiwan}

Posted by Superkids Team on 2/12/19 2:30 PM

We were able to meet brothers Kyle (10), Kristopher (9) and Kirk (5) during our trip to Taiwan in the fall. These brothers are full of fun!
Oldest brother, Kyle, is a little shy but warmed up and enjoyed playing ball games with us. He told us that he likes PE class and especially likes playing badminton. He is very close to Kristopher and often likes to find him at school during free time so they can play together. Kyle told us his favorite animals are dogs, birds, elephants, rhinos, and dinosaurs! Kyle is in the 5th grade and attends special education classes. Kyle lives in a foster family with Kristopher. Kyle has G6PD and delays.

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New York City Chinese New Year Celebration Fun

Posted by Leslie Winston on 2/12/19 8:32 AM

Thank you to everyone in the New York City area who came out for our annual Chinese New Year celebration at Jing Fong restaurant! We had an excellent turn out on Super Bowl Sunday and everyone had a great time! The children made crafts and loved interacting with the dancing dragon.

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Jonathan {China}

Posted by Superkids Team on 2/11/19 2:00 PM

We have another cute little boy to introduce today! His name is Jonathan and he recently turned 3. He enjoys interacting with people and is described as active and happy.

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What We're Reading During Black History Month

Posted by Emily Morehead, MA, LPC on 2/10/19 5:48 PM

Celebrate Black History Month by offering your child an opportunity for dialogue, self esteem and engagement with the following must have books on their bookshelf!

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Adoption Advice From Gladney Parents

Posted by Gladney Center for Adoption on 2/6/19 10:39 AM

As you are exploring adoption as an option for your family, we are sure that you have many questions. Once a month we ask Thomas & Stephanie a question about their adoption experience.

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